About GID Media |


We know that there are so many priceless moments that take place. We
also know everyone may not be able to attend for various reasons. But, let
us provide the gift that puts life’s best moments at your fingertips for
generations to come.

Our services come at a cost that anyone can afford through custom packages that cater to your exact needs. If you choose to purchase a sports highlight package for college/professional recruiting or just memorabilia, we can Get It Done for you. Create a custom package with us and we take care of therest. If you have footage, we can turn it into a masterpiece that would make ESPN jealous.

Are there old VHS tapes laying around the house? We can turn those into professional DVDs with personalized DVD cases and chapter menus. We can bring those classic moments back to life to share as if they happened yesterday. Don’t let your past treasures become obsolete.


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